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Missing iron furnace


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I just installed tekkit 1.2.9f and I have no iron furnace. Is it removed? The last time I played was like 1-2 years ago. I don't have a clue where to find valid information - I guess it should be there as some tekkit wikia pages still reference it, but as always with inofficial stuff, it doesn't have to be. Is it on purpose or did I find a bug?

Also, where can I find some more information about tekkit vs tekkit-lite vs. tekkit classic? I'm confused. I expected "tekkit" to be the full-blown solution (also for single-player, since I did not find a seperate technic pack, as it has been long time ago).

Edit: confusion around versions solved via reddit posting (may I link such stuff here?). Iron furnace still missing.

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found some infos
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