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1.7.10 "Mojangsters" Modpack, PvP, Raid, Grief, Technology Based mod.

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 Mojangsters Modpack


Server ip is included in the modpack, just install it and hit multiplayer

Server ip: mojansters.noip.me

 Feel free to post any suggestions or comments to help improve the server.

Server is preloaded, And Accepting players. Find some friends and come play.

Server is based off technology for pvp, pve and survival.

This is not a Magic modpack at all.

No lag, no time outs, 24/7 Server. Server automatically runs and restarts every 3hrs.

18k preloaded border = 36k x 36k world to explore

Lots of new stuff to discover

Main mods are 

Mekanism, Power Armor, Lanteacraft Gates, Ender IO, Thermal, expansion, Remote IO, AE2, Compact machines, Emobile, Extra Cells, Fortress mod, Malisis doors, Medicinecraft, MFR, Secret rooms, loads of new potions that can last up to 30min, lots of new enchantments that can be combined. Tweaks, Twists and many added recipes. 

There are so many changes to the gameplay that i can't remember them all. 

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