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How do you backup your world?

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Hello, I was wondering how do you backup your world on your tekkit server?

The problem is when I stop/restart the server it reverts to an old "save" of the server, which causes problems.

I have plugins that give me the ability to backup the world with /backup but those seem not to work.

I also do /save-all and it still doesn't work, any suggestions on how to fix this without having my players to get heavily rolled back every time I restart the server?

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I use the backup option in Essentials plugin. It launches a script that does a backup of our worlds and plugins every hour. The server is always on.

Does the server have the rights to overwrite the world files? Sounds as if you are rolled back to some read only world files at every start.

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I use the minebackup plugin, but you may want to look at how you're shutting down your tekkit server. it sounds like you're just killing it rather than typing stop into the console so it shutdown gracefully. If you do that you shouldn't ever lose any data

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