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Backpacks?, "Dead is Dead" Neurosis and other issues


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Hey folks,

Have been back to Tekkit Lite this summer after a long hiatus from Minecraft. Have been playing along SP all summer relearning what I had forgot, and learning a few new things. One issue that I'm stumped by: what happened to backpacks in Tekkit Lite?

A separate topic that I'll refer to here, as many of you guys actually play Tekkit Lite, so it may be of interest to someone here . . . I started a thread at Minecraft forums(Dead is Dead Neurosis: Am I the only one?) that describes the whole 'story,' but bascially to make a long story short: I have built up q pretty substantial SP base, but I died recently, and I'm not interested in playing it any longer. If anyone wants to play with the save file I'd be happy to share it.


I'd just post it to this thread, but i cannot recall what files/folders are need from the directory for the game world


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