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Don't quite understand a few redstone items

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Fairly new to the Tekkit world - and its amazing.

1) Went to build a 'Howler' alarm today and it doesn't work - is this not available in Tekkit? I need an alarm to monitor my Nuclear Power supply. Don't quite understand the various versions of Buildcraft, Tekkit etc.

When I checked my build list in my inventory - its not listed.

Is it in the new 3.1.1 version (or whatever the exact version is!)

2) How do you wire up an MFSU to trigger a light or similar upon empty? I know you click on the top right redstone symbol to change its state, but how do you actually get a redstone line out of it?

All sides of mine are taken up with inputs and outputs.

3) Nuclear power. What is the best method of monitoring temperature? Is there a thermostat module?


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2) Have a free side? You could probably put redwire on the blocks next to the MFSU if any of them are valid. If not you'll need to do a little rewiring. That shouldn't be hard since 5 of them are input sides.

3) Nuclear control.Or the new modular Force feilds if they're actualy in. i havn't looked yet.

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