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Tekkit Server

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Ok Well i was hoping on starting a tekkit server of my own and have it whitelisted and just have a small community like most people like i know the right mods and plugins everyone likes since i been playing minecraft since starting of it and am quite new to tekkit but alot of my friends of inform me of what mods and banned items people like i perfer no banned items maybe nuke but ya if anyone wants to help me bring up a server all i need is just a 10 doller donation when i get back on my job in a month or so i can easily pay for the server and everything since i get 100$ a day so i could easily upgrade the server to like 1 terrabite and stuff so ya post and comment below if you would like to help me get a server up (PS- Who Ever Does Will Get Full Access To The Server)

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to the first comment exactly quite surprising i dont used it on stuff and the person who donated the 10 dollers would get op and stuff and they can always stay in contact with me over teamspeak or skype or steam and its only going to be a 10 doller server for a month then it will be a good running server with a terrabite of ram etc

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I find the idea that he might be using this...rather unlikely.

Nah man, he's using the upgraded version of that board, notice he said 'etc', that 'etc' also adds that he's using 20 tb SSD's and two radeon 9999 cards (made specifically for the Big Bad Willy)

He also won't be admining the server as his personal friend, Stephan Hawking, will be maintaining the mods for us.

To think, all we have to do is invest 10 dollars for all that...

Obviously this is a good deal.

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