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Evolvecraft | Horizons Daybreaker | 24/7 | No lag | Mature and friendly staff

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Server Specs
Server IP: daybreaker.evolvecraft.com
Horizons: Daybreaker version 1.0.2
CPU: Intel Xeon E5-1620 v2 
Ram: 64GBs
Server Location: Canada
Website: www.evolvecraft.com 
Teamspeak: voice.evolvecraft.com

Horizons: Daybreaker Version 1.0.2
We are very excite to announce the opening of our Horizons: Daybreaker server! Daybreaker is the sequel to the popular modpack Horizons and brings many wonderful mods to the FTB world. Our server has plugins to protect your bases and keep your valuables safe. Come on and hang out with us, we cannot wait to get to know you.

Our rules are straight forward and based on common sense.

  • Be respectful to your fellow players.
  • Do not steal, grief or otherwise ruin the enjoyment of others.
  • Any exploitations, including but not limited to, X-rays, client hacks, duping will result in an instant ban.
  • Please be responsible and thoughtful with animal farms, machines and such.
  • Please keep chat clean.
  • Most importantly, have fun and enjoy yourself.
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