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If you're at the correct level it's 4x as rare as diamonds.  I'd concentrate on the prometheum -> oureclase upgrade path & just mine regularly for whatever you need, you're bound to find it randomly one day. :)  Do make sure you get a mining book from the instructor & check that you're at the right level.

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you will have a difficult time finding any any tech related metal

my suggestions,


1 get a Tinkers hammer for mining, Preferably made of low grade materials, or nether wood, you will need alot of cheap repair materials, and these materials are cheap and easily renewable. and never replace your hammer, don't lose your hammer, getting level ups require alot of exp and time.if you want your hammer to be made of better materials, replace the parts on your old one 1 peice at a time, this way you keep the exp.

2 use to the hammer to dig a stair case down to bed rock, make turns now and again so that its a spiral staircase and you keep a silverwood tree above you all the way to bedrock, this way taint doesn't grow on your stairs, its sucks dying of taint poison walking back up the stairs

3 keep several pieces of your hammers repair material with you at all time, so that when your hammer breaks you can repair it on the spot.

4 make a pick axe with a high mining level, use this only on hard to mine ores. and will help you get more mileage out of it.

5 mine the ores but get the redstone, all of it, and jam that redstone into your hammer on the tool forge/ tool station, this will speed up mining alot. you can also make travelers gloves and jam them full of redstone and it will give haste to many of your actions , mining included.

6 make a excavator, you will need to dig up alot of sand, for more than expanding your bio dome

7 use the Smeltery but upgrade to a induction smelter when you can and use the Sand plus common ore combination to double your ore but also get rich slag, then you can use the rich slag plus rare/ needed ore to Triple the ingot output of things you really want.


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