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Need help with preventing internet based lag.

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Ok so here is my situation:

I run a small private server for 10 people max. My computer can handle running a server very well with 10 - 12 GB of ram that I can constantly provide to the server and a good CPU. But the problem is that my internet is bad, my upload speed is 30 kB/s max and my download speed isn't as bad but still not the best at a max of 700 kB/s.

I have no idea how to prevent this type of lag so I need some advice on how to if there is even any way.

Additional info:

I am using port forwarding for the server and if needed I can get the people using the server to take measures to prevent the lag client side (I have already got everyone on the server to put there render distances on small - tiny if they are getting lag)

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Get a hosted server, serioulsy this is your problem, you're throttled to upload only at 30kb/s and this is what cause your lag, you seriously can't host a server with that sorry, even if you had the best NASA computer in your home, if you can't upload at a good speed, you're out of luck there.

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