[1.2.9g] SMP [#30 slots] [Whitelist] Friendly Survival

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Hello everybody,

I have a server that is currently very empty, and I would like to change that! 

The server runs 24/7, does a backup once a day, restarts once a day (to minimize lag), and is whitelisted. 

I am not going to post the IP here, but if you message me and I think that you are a good fit for my server, the IP address will be given to you!!! 


I would like the server to be a community based server. So I would like there to be a spawn town, as well as people to have their own individual bases! I'd like people to stay somewhat close to spawn (a few hundred blocks out). I am always available if something needs to be changed in a mod config file, as well as if the server crashed and I need to fix it. Please send me a message if you're interested in joining!!!



  1. Do not attack another server member unless you've both agreed that you want to do PvP.
  2. No stealing.
  3. What the server mod says goes. If a mod or myself (the owner) tells you not to do something, you don't. 
  4. You will get one warning if you break a rule, after that the next time you break a rule you will get banned.

EDIT: So I'm back on this account, and I set up this server! If you guys wanna join, message me.

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Been playing tekkit since Technic was still a thing

I was playing minecraft at the launch of infdev

I am also good at teaching and have experience with server administration if you want that.

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Hello my name is John i would like to join your server
IGN : Burlo420

age : 30

reason i want to join:  I'm tired of playing SP would like to play with others. I know how to work most of the tekkit mods and i agree to your rules



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count me in man I LOVE tekkit

IGN is davicon1000

I need a server to stay at without have a game master BAN ME FOR NO APPARENT REASON which is what the last 1 did and i did nothing to deserve it

so if you believe i am a good fit contact me and I will join



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This is the kind of server i have been looking for i found one before but the server was griefied like crazy by some asshole.

So i think it would be better if a server would be whitelisted and i found one i would like to join i can also help new players.

And i have no problem with sharing as a community.

Hope i get accepted.

IGN MultiDerpe

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