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Power Armor


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Few questions about power armor:

I have set up my first suit, top of the line across the board (energy field, elite battery, night vision, flight control, rail gun, diamond pick, etc., etc.) . . . ah wait, the one thing I didn't install was the more advanced "fall protection" on the boots (why does one need "fall" protection when one has a jetpack anyway?)

1. How do I fly (I have a jetpack installed): I managed to accomplish it once but it was by some combination of keys I cannot seem to replicate.

2. How do I shoot my rail gun?

3. What do you guys recommend on the settings for the various modules? I was surprised to see that jacking the energy storage level up to max puts total weight up to about 50kg and slows the toon down a lot. Is some happy medium best, or is it possible with all the leg and foot modules (sprint assist, jump assist, uphill assist, etc.) to go with max power storage?

4. Damage absorption? Maximum I guess?

5. I see guys in Youtubes and in the Tekkit forums talking about things like "cooling," "heat sinks," etc. and one Youtuber was talking about "swimming" in lava. This version in Tekkite lite doesn't seem to include that stuff. Does the TL version NOT protect against fire in particular??

Man that was a lot of resources to build all that stuff!

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1) I remember you had to change keybindings and assign the jetpack a key to use. Its a special menu, I think you kit "K" or maybe "J" to access it. 

2) Press space when it is selected. You can change what device is active on your power glove with your mouse scroll wheel. The railgun generates LOTS of heat. Build the plasma gun, if you haven't. It is lots of fun, especially when you forget it is the active item, and you blow a hole in your base by accident ;)

3) Forget the suit batteries, take them all out. Just carry a charged TE energy cell, the suit will pull from that. 

4) Use energy shields only, take out any plating you put on, and crank it up. 

5) You need heat sinks and the cooling module, especially if you will be firing that railgun. Your suit can fry you very fast. Sometime for no reason, especially in desert biomes (it is a bit buggy sometimes)

Put the shock absorbers in the boots, You can still take damage and die from ungraceful landings without them. Don't add the kinetic energy re-gen module, it had a nasty habit of killing you. 

This suit is awesome on the Moon, especially for the light module. Its one of the few things that can light that place up. 

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> 1. How do I fly

Should be just space. Nothing fancy here. Or double space.

You have to activate it in the tinker table, of course.

> 2. How do I shoot my rail gun?

Sorry, no idea, I love my crossbow with infinity too much

> 3. What do you guys recommend on the settings for the various modules?

see below

> 4. Damage absorption? Maximum I guess?

Yes, even if that goes into a range you don't see as armor points in the HUD.

> 5. I see guys in Youtubes and in the Tekkit forums talking about things like "cooling," "heat sinks,"...

No, that is not Tekkit LIte.


You don't need a lot of energy. So the best battery is nice but have the 2nd best only once should really be enough.

You really want the kinetic and solar energy generator, both on max. That way you generate more energy than you

use in most cases.

Of course, if you want to use the Diamond Drill or the ChainSaw a lot, you need larger batteries. But that is what quarries and Planter/Harvester or Steve's Cars are for.

No armor, only shields.

Upstep help and everything regarding walking is something you really want. You will never want to be without these.

You REALLY want the fall protection and the glider and the advanced flight control.

The fall protection is great to just step into a quarry hole and fall down to the ground. Without taking any damage.

Or if something goes wrong during flight, no problem. The energy->oxygen is great too, depending on your plans.





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