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[3.1.2]Uk Tekkit United: Reborn[PvP][40][Essentials | Claims | ChestShop]


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Welcome to UK Tekkit United! We are a UK based Tekkit Classic 3.1.2. server, accepting anyone from anywhere around the globe! We are fairly new, but we have vast oceans of experience that help us achieve the best gaming experience possible! Our current group of staff are dedicated, having all met on a gaming community, we work effeciently and appropriately to enhance the server. We have a plot market near spawn where you can trade goods with other players, and a thriving economy in which you can make your fortune!

According to this, we have a few plugins which will enhance your experience: 

- Grief Prevention 

- Chestshop 

- iConomy 

- Essentials 

- Vault 

We also have a few banned items, but be assured we never ban an item without good reason and always reconsider our decisions:



IP: play.uktekkit.co.uk:25610 

Server Rules:

- Respect other players and staff

- No hacking / using exploits

- Do not argue with a member of staff

- Swearing is allowed, however do not make this excessive

- No griefing, however raiding is aloud.

We hope to see you on the server soon, and while we know there are a million other servers out there you could go to, we appreciate every minute you spend with us! :) 

See you on the server! 

Zac ~ Server Dev

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