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Tekkit vs FTB

ii AyJay o

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Is it just me or are all the mods in the Tekkit mod pack outdated compared to the modpacks from the FTB launcher? Am I doing something wrong?

Edit: For instance, when I play Tekkit, there is no Ender Quarry from Extra Utilities, but in FTB Infinity there is.

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Can't tell if a lazy but legitimate question, or just a troll...


Tekkit Classic still has a decent sized following, with new servers popping up every so often (2 in the last week). Tekkit lite as well.
Age doesn't matter. If the pack is fun, people will play it.


And frankly there are over 100,000 custom modpacks on the platform. Focusing on Tekkit and Tekkit alone is pretty narrow minded.

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