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[1.7.10] Halocraft v0.7.2 {New Halocraft update coming soon!]

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The Development Team: 
KILLER CHIEF -------------- Coder, Modeller, Map Maker, Managing Forum & Mod. A Bit of everything B)
Camo7 ---------------------- Texturing, Skinning, Modeling, UNSC/Covenant/Forerunner/Flood Architect.
Hellcraftjz ------------------ Texturing, Skinning.
The Micahel ---------------- Modelling, Skinning for Models.
Brenwwe ------------------- Coder

FabulousMissLuna ------- 3D Gun modeller


This modpack is about mankind and it's differences between 2 factions. Before the war with the covenant. In this part of the Minecraft human populated world, the covenant took over. With the tensions building up with the UNSC and the Insurrectionists. None of them are backing down. Not even with the news of the two factions teaming up to fight off the alien race.

But even though with the technology that they have, the covenant are vulnerable with the wilderness that the two factions know so well. In this modpack you have mods that will not take over the idea of the Halo mod but enchance it.


Pam's HarvestCraft 1.7.10


If you do not like the mods that are being put into this modpack let me know, I'll think about it in the next update. All other features are being put into the actual mod Halocraft itself.


We have plugins that fit well with the server also to make the 2 teams work well together.



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