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  1. Halocraft http://www.technicpack.net/modpack/kcs-halocraft.717914 The Development Team: KILLER CHIEF -------------- Coder, Modeller, Map Maker, Managing Forum & Mod. A Bit of everything Camo7 ---------------------- Texturing, Skinning, Modeling, UNSC/Covenant/Forerunner/Flood Architect. Hellcraftjz ------------------ Texturing, Skinning. The Micahel ---------------- Modelling, Skinning for Models. Brenwwe ------------------- Coder FabulousMissLuna ------- 3D Gun modeller This modpack is about mankind and it's differences between 2 factions. Before the war with the covenant. In this
  2. IGN: David Gilmour Skype: jared.herrera4 Mod Level of Knowledge (1-10, self assess): 6, I play alot of mods and mess around with some mods.It just depends on what I like.That's it...
  3. Age: 16 Minecraft Name: DavidGilmour What kind of server are you looking for?: Just a small one. Maybe with a couple of people, 10 is alright.
  4. IGN: DavidGilmour Age: 16 How long have you played Minecraft: Since Beds came out! I Really don't know. What you like to build: houses and tech. Something about you: I like to play guitar, Skateboard and Circitry Skype(you can dm me it): jared.herrera4
  5. Alright alright alright. Just for the fun of it. I was working on your modpack for the last 3 hours... It looks like the modpack has run into some issues and I think one of the reasons was the updated version of CodeChickenCore. After the 3 hours and finally look at this thread and saw the very last comment of yours. That's the reason why I'm calling myself the bitch. I saw it and came forward to it. And the modpack named me "The Bitch". After the 3 hours I soon realised that I'm tired. And I need to go to bed. Your modpack is broken. Sorry for you loss.
  6. Hey something is wrong with the modpack. I think it's liteloader. I deleted it and it worked.
  7. DanteChaos help :/ it's giving me a connection throttled error. The forums say it's a bukkit problem with the permissions. http://www.spigotmc.org/threads/connection-throttled.12571/ I want to get on the server :/
  8. 1. What is your age and IGN?: ghost14523 2. Have you ever been banned, and if yes, why?: Of course. Not going to lie, out of the 3-4 years of playing minecraft sure I was banned. 3. Do you have a Microphone and can use teamspeak to communicate with other members? Yes 4. How long have you been playing Minecraft? 3-4 years 5. tell us something fun or interesting about yourself? I play the guitar. 6. What unique skills or mod knowlege do you have that can help benefit the amazing environment of Wirenut?: I know Java and Lua Coding,
  9. I was going to rate this a good server. It had all the necessities of a regular minecraft server. I was on 40 minutes ALONE by myself. Until I guess a staff member got on. I was saying to myself "Thank god! A player!" But know I making a complaint instead of a good report. 10 minutes ago the staff member banned me for the reason "@$$hole" I have screenshots of me and him talking, but according to the chat, it looked like he was the big jerk and not me. It started off when I said[CHAT] Slowbob87 joined the game. [B#439] [18:44:34] [Client thread/INFO]: [CHAT] <ghost14523> Yay! [B#439] [
  10. Ign: ghost14523 Age: 15 What you like to do on minecraft: I like to pretty much do everything, mostly craft and achieve the goal in minecraft. Which is to pretty much craft everything. Reason why this server: I'd like to play on little servers like this. And what camodragon said, staying away from the issues.
  11. Kid thinks the soda is a drug.

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      Frankly I'm suprised it isn't regulated more. Addictive little bugger, caffeine.

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