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I need help with a 1.16.5 pixelmon map, I have a long list of things to get done and it's less of an entire map and more of a pretty big spawn to include a lot of different things.

Things to do for the pixelmon spawn:

main spawn
pokeshops (for the moves, pokemon items, etc)
admin shops (server shops for items that can be hard to obtain or common items)
player shops (shop plots for players to build their shops and sell their items)
6 raid towers (for server wide raid events, we could do more if needed)
87 gym towers (one for each gym badge)
shrine alters area(for the legendaries in the shrines so people don't have to search for them)
also possible housing area(places where players can rent housing from the server until they make a place for themselves.)


this spawn is going to be the largest and most difficult build I have ever done. we will need warps for the towers, a guide book to help and answer questions for beginners, and above all make it look awesome to make sure people want to play and adventure through the lands.


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