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What Bukkit plugins do you use in addition to Tekkit?


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I was running a bukkit server almost from the start but had a break of a few months,

now Tekkit brought me back and hooked me up again.

But meanwhile there are really a whole lot of plugins for Bukkit, I somehow lost the overview of what´s really usefull...

I just wanted to ask which plugins the tekkit server admins here prefer or even consider somehow essential.

On my "still kind of creative" server i got these so far:

Essentials link...

Lots of usefull commands/functions like teleporting + an easy to use command whitelist for ops

Working version: Essentials 2.8.2

PermissionsBukkit link...

Though i´m still not using it, atm essentials perm. config is sufficient.

Gonna set this up for an upcoming public survival map to declare more than just 2 player groups.

Voxel Sniper link...

I favour this ingame world editor over world edit, just cause i´m used to it from previous servers...

Voxel Air link...

Since creative mode is buggy in Tekkit by now,Voxel Air provides another way to fly or move fast.

Dynmap link...

Realtime worldmap generator

More info on dynmap for tekkit: http://forums.technicpack.net/index.php/topic,2451.0.html

LWC link...

Light weight protection for chests,signs etc.

Wormhole X-Treme link...

Teleporting a little more authentic...

TerrainControl link...

(Still on standard settings here, but it provides a lot of variables to control the world generator.)

Not working properly!See Leroy´s post below...

Thanks in advance for any usefull and/or funny plugin suggestions!

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TerrainControl doesn't work. By default, it won't spawn:

- Tin, Copper, Silver, Uranium or Apatite ores. These can be set up manually in the biome configs.

- Rubber Trees. Potentially fixable with a .bo2 object

- Oil. There is currently no way to get buildcraft to populate the world with oil.

Since I like combustion engines, the lack of oil is a deal breaker.

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I haven't found a way for NEI Cheat Mode to work with PermissionsBukkit without giving /op permissions.

I wanted to make a Testing Building Temporary World that everyone could use NEI as they wished, but I don't want them to be able to do /stop, /deop, /ban...

Also, PermissionsBukkit is very cool and useful once you understand how Bukkit Permissions work.

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Hey, I have been use bukkit since the start to and these are some of my favorite plugins







Thats evrything I use. If i want to edit my world easy I just change to Creative mode or start "MCEdit" instead of some other "World Edit Plugins"

// Mufflo Why are you signing your posts? Do you see anyone else doing that? Maybe it might not be acceptable to do that here? Maybe it's in the rules thread? Maybe you should have read them? Maybe.

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WorldEdit, CommandBook, PermissionsBukkit, RecipeManager, OpenInv, Vault, DiskDriveFix, Multiverse-Core, ChopTree, Herochat, Jail, CleanroomGenerator, Multiverse-Portals, Multiverse-Inventories, Multiverse-SignPortals, Multiverse-NetherPortals

Plugins with strikethru came with Tekkit. So far no issues as long as I run the plugin version meant for CraftBukkit 1.1-R4.

One plugin I did have an issue with was (obviously) TrainCarts - Railcraft is awesome since I was setting up an extensive subway system and so controlling it with RailCraft and ComputerCraft seems like a natural next step; however I love the ability to link minecarts together that Traincarts provides, as well as it's station system (using signs and hidden torches), but it's instantly conflict city with RailCarts.

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