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JFrost Industries


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Hello Everyone!

I am making a factory called JFrost Industries!

My friend jjlump and I have started on the main compound and power generators, but we need someone who is good at Redpower and Computercraft. I am good with all the generators and transport and pretty much all of IC2 and BC. My friend Justin is good with power transport and buildings. If you would like to help on this hopefully amazing project of ours just reply in this thread. We both have Skype and Teamspeak 3 and were on quite... ok, a LOT of the time so communication and timing shouldnt be a problem.

Frostie2002, Signing out.

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Ok I've got some screenshots now so this should help.

The Passkey protected door


The Main control screen


The big status screens in the staff lobby


The technician's reactor status screen (I need someone to get it to work)


The staff seats and there is 6 tool charging docks on the wall


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I'd love to help. I've got a low to medium knowledge of CC and a medium to high knowledge of RP2. If you want me, PM me because I don't want my Skype name publicly on the forum. I could also be on teamspeak. However I would need the I.P. and password (If applicable). If you also need EE2, I'm your man!

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