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Multiplayer; error!

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The solution is in a million other threads made by others like you and if you would have searched for it you would have found all of them and then I wouldn't have to tell you that you have to manually select the correct build in your launcher (in the options) and it would not have pissed me off so much that I actually said something nasty to my wife and then she would not be pissed off and divorce me and take the children and the cat and the tv.

And I bloody love that tv.

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Start up the Technic Launcher.

Go to Options.

You will see an option to manually select a build. Click that and scroll the build versions til you hit 3.1.1. I recommend doing this instead of Lastest Dev Build for the specific reason that when they start working on a new version, you won't log in to an update that wipes everything.

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