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Tekkit server port help

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I have been using my laptop for the last few week and have now set up my own server but it says that the server port is used (or reserved) and carnt be used, its 25565, so i tried different port such as 25566 etc, but these dont work.

So does anyone know how i can unlink that port from my laptop so that my PC can host on it instead?

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If you are on Windows, you can enter the following into an elevated command prompt:

netstat -ano | find "25565"

This will give you a list of any connections on port 25565. There will be some numbers on the right (sometimes they drop down a line), they are the Process ID numbers of the process that is listening on that port. You can then look for this number in taskmanager to find the process and kill it.


Alternatively, you can run 
netstat -abn | more
 at an elevated command prompt and look through the list to find the process. You are looking for something similar to: and the process name should be listed on the line below it.

If you are running Linux then enter

netstat -npa | grep 25565

to find any process that is using port 25565.

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