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Nanosuit Armor not working?

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Yes nano only provides 10% more damage reduction than diamond armor so you will still take 10% of the normal damage. Also note that a fully enchanted suit of diamond armor is now better than nano in all areas other then durability with its 96% damage reduction and other effects.

Nano used to provide 100% damage reduction equal to quantum, making you invincible as long as the armors charge holds out. This was far to over powered for how easy it is to make (2 and a half stacks of coal and 4 diamonds last time i checked) and charge so the IC2 dev made it weaker.

So taking half a heart from a stone sword is fully expected.

Armor damage reduction:

Quantum suit - 100%

Enchanted diamond armor - 89.6% to 96%

Nano - 90%

Redmatter/Gem armor - 90%

Diamond armor - 80%

Darkmatter armor - 80%

Iron, bronze, leather, and gold are all below 80%

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