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Long term food strategies?


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make some of the cooking items (cutting board, frying pan, bake ware, juicer.   there are probably a number of new food combinations that you can make from the food items which you have exhausted already.


there is a actual reason for having a huge variety of food types in this mod pack, the unforgiving hunger gives people a reason to collect the various food types.

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If you want to stop needing food, there's an item in botania that can do that.  If you want to need less food & get a break on the diminishing returns, trading rep for food works pretty well: the emergency nutrition bars you get from the food request in the supplier don't have diminishing returns.

If you're just done with this, there's a cheat area on the top floor of the jaded.  It's vaguely visible without breaking blocks, but you have to break blocks to get to it.  You'll also need op privileges to use the cheat.

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I finally have my cooking automated with the items from Cooking for Blockheads. Now all I do is double-click on a food item and its in my hand. This is the way I did it.

Make four fridges, two cooking tables, and a cooking oven.  Stack two fridges (shift click to stack). To the right of that put a cooking table, to the right of that the oven, to the right of that another cooking table, and to the right of that two more stacked fridges. All of those fridges are necessary if you want to have ALL food available including salt and cups of water. Put the baking dish, skillet, pot and saucepan in the oven.(there are four slots for them on the left when you click on the oven). Put the other utensils in one of the fridges. Now if you click on either of the cooking tables you will see all the possible recipes for the ingredients you have. (the tables seem to be necessary to link the fridges, which is why i put two of them.) With the chopping block, mortar and pestle and cutting board in the fridge it is automatically used. If you have raw meat it actually cooks in the oven.

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