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SkyStone (Please help)


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So, if you've never used AE2 before, the way it normally works is you build a thing that'll point you to the chunk that a skystone meteor is in, and then get the presses from a special chest in the meteor.  You normally need like 4 or 5 meteors to get all the presses you want.  These meteors are also usually underground, it's a huge pain in the butt.

The way it works in blightfall is that you trade a stack of skystone for the presses.  This comes from the meteors.  There's a few meteors, and they're all on the surface, with no chest.  They're pretty visible, usually in a shallow crater.  They can sometimes be hard to spot under the fibrous taint, though.  One of them was even on fire when I was around making it super-visible.  Although I think that fire goes out after a bit of the chunks being loaded.

if you need more hints, let us know.

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