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Merging coloring system


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Posted this in the tekkit subforum first, but got directed here. I write mainly about tekkit, but I assume the same is true for technic.

Right now, there are several different systems for painting.

1. There's the standard minecraft painting of crafting items with the color in the inventory.

2. There's the industrialcraft painters to which you apply dye directly.

3. There's the RP2 way of using tin buckets that you fill with paint and then you dip a paintbrush.

2 and 3 feels like they should be one and the same. First of it doesn't really make sense to have different tools to paint an electric cable and a blulectric cable, and secondly, unless you're making something HUGE with redpower, you ain't going to use each color more than a few times, so you get a whole bunch of buckets (which gets expensive) that you only use a few times because you have different paint for CF walls and electric cables.

I know Tekkit is a modpack and not a mod, and so custom modding within it is limited, but couldn't someone _please_ make a crossover? I'm currently trying to build a sorting machine, and realizing it's going to take a long time and cost a LOT just to get the buckets for the paint, which I'll use excactly twice ever. It feels so unnecessary when I've got painters lying around with the exact right colors!

What do you people think?

EDIT: Sorry 'bout the lack of referencing! Didn't think the other thread would get much attention since it was apparently in the wrong subforum.

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