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Running/converting a 2.1.0 World

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The server contract on the tekkit world I'd been playing on has just ran out. As I was the only playing it by that time, it was just left to lapse and the world was put up for download. I'd now like to be able to play it over a lan with the girlfriend. However, the world was running on the 2.1.0 build, because we'd had problems updating after that.

Now, the only servers I can find on the technic website go back to 3.0.4, and I've googled for a download link for the 2.1.0 server without any success. Is it still available for download anywhere, because that would be my preferred option for running the world.

Alternatively, I've tried running the world on the current server build, and letting it convert. However, for some reason, the world that runs after the converter is one from several weeks prior to the server closing. Is this normal, and is there a work around to bring the converted world up to date? I'd rather be able to run it on 2.1.0, but I'm not completely opposed to having a bit of a tidy up and replacing stuff like electrical engines.

Thanks for any help you can give.

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I would have thought so aswell, but I've played the world on the 2.1.0 build, and it was at it had been when the server went down. Now I'm trying to revert back to 2.1.0, and it's giving me an "update failed". I think I'm going to give it up, and start a new world.

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If you want to bring your old world into 3.x, I had a guide here, but the thread appears to have been closed (maybe an admin can restore it).

If you want to go back to 2.1, the server is here, and try removing the .techniclauncher/tekkit directory on the client, or the entire .techniclauncher directory, and reinstalling from scratch. (Edit: Or maybe not, looks like there's no binary diff to revert from the 1.3.1 minecraft.jar to 1.1, so all 1.1-based packages are broken right now.)

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