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Is it possible to run a Tekkit server on a VPS?


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If you're looking for a server just to run Tekkit a VPS is more than enough. There are a lot of Minecraft-specific hosts out there to choose from so you wouldn't need any software. Just upload the .jar and they take care of the rest. I'm currently using creeperhost.net atm and have been satisfied with them so far.

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Nah, I pay around $20 a month for a dedicated VPS. You can host a server of your machine of course, and that doesn't cost you a dime. However, it's limited to your internet and PC capabilities. If you're just wanting something for you and a few friends to mess around on it's the way to go. If you want something a bit more reliable, stable, and permanent, you'll need to pay for a dedicated VPS. It's worth it for me because I always know the server is going to be up and it's not using my resources.

If hosting a server of your computer is something you're interested in I can guide you through the steps. It's really easy.

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