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Link tanks together

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Hi there!

I made a few tanks to keep my oil in, and I'm now converting it to fuel with the refinery.

I was just wondering how I can link all my tanks together? Right now the refinery is only using 1 tank, but I have 10+ tanks :-/


Carstone Mod Edit: *Bloop*

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Just split the pipes coming out of the pump/refinery. They'll balance themselves while it's pumping, and overflow will go to a different tank. You will still need a wooden pipe out of the bottom of each tank stack, though.

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Yeah thats what i wanted to avoid. My tanks are filling up nicely with new oil, but I wanted to avoid having wooden pipes on all tanks going out to the refinery.. Thanks for your help though!


as you can see on the picture, im pumping out oil from the middle tank, to the right one. I guess i gotta do the same for the left one

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