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A few questions


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We found a division sigil while playing and it's about used up. I remember wither's dropping them in other packs. Is that the same on Blightfall? If so, what is the drop rate? Any other way to get one. 

Also is there a reason Cursed Earth isn't spawning any mobs?

Any plans to make some of the vanilla tools craftable? Really annoying to have to request them from the quest book.

All-in-all, this is probably the best modpack I've ever played. Keep up the great work guys.

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yes withers still should drop division sigils, drop rate should be the standard rate

the only way to get wither skulls is a infusion recipe that you have to do thaumcraft research to unlock, or wither skeletons which can only be spawned by the gaia guardian (you'll have to look up botania mod for that one)

I've tested cursed earth and it does work, is the area have lighting or do you have any chandeliers or magnum torches around, those prevent mod spawning in a wide area

vanilla tools are purposefully disabled

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you are supposed to use the thinker's construct mod to obtain the "wood" and "stone" tools, the regular tools can be found as chest loot in dungeons, villages, and mineshafts.

If you are planning on exploring the thaumic thinkerer section of the book, and unlocking the ichor, you will need a flip ton of nether stars, i suggest starting a setup that allows to corrupt regular skulls regularly, i do it by farming nether wart for the infernus, using cursedblade to obtain exanimis in the form of souls and other easy to find stuff for the other ingredients. Getting umbra roses is pretty nice, they allow to get a constant supply of ink.

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A good source of Auram essentia, melt down Ethereal Essences which can be made by the Euclidaisy. Ethereal Essences will also give you random Essetias, but Euclidasiy gives the Auram Essences more often. The Euclidaisy research is in the Forbidden Magic Tab.

Also do anyone know of a good source of Alienis

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