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There is also a gebnerator from forestry if I recall.

Depending on what your doing with it, there are various odditys between them.

I recall with on of them you should be sure not to use anme pipes and just place it directly next to it.

Some combination of one of the machines with/without pipes will ALWAYS send 32eu packets regardless of need, and as such can waste a lot of energy.

I cant remember the thread discussing it unfortunatly.

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The Little Things thread has some research done on the energy crossover blocks. http://forums.technicpack.net/index.php/topic,205.0.html

Basically, the engine generators (BC MJ -> IC2 EU) do not play nice with buildcraft pipes and will show massive losses. It's best to connect mechanical engines directly to the generator.

The energy link (IC2 EU -> BC MJ) will work fine, but it has very little to regulate it's output and can quickly drain all your power.

As gorgenzola mentioned, the tin engines from forestry are the best way to turn IC2 energy into BC energy. Any of the forestry farming setups can run nicely off a single tin engine, and the filler and quarry will both run anywhere from decently to Bat-Outta-Hell depending on how many you connect to them (1-4).

You also have the options to make oil and lava with IC2 EU via the fabricators. Infact you can get a really good ROI by combining an Oil Fabricator, a Refinery, and some Combustion Engines.

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