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Anyone know this answer?


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I dont know if this is where i should post this question. But what im looking to make is a

door that to grant access to it you need to pay 4 industrial credits that gets stored in a chest. Is this possible using tekkit?

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There's a bukkit plugin called Turnstile that does a similar effect. I'm not sure if it uses IC coins as currency though, so you'll have to add in an econ plugin, then if you still want to use IC coins as currency just allows players the option to sell them using a global shop etc.

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You can do this using Redpower2, if you're inventive enough.

Put credits in a chest, suck them through a Filter (one at a time), and count them using an Item Detector. Once the count reaches 4, emit a redstone signal to open the door for a few seconds, then shut the door and reset the system.

The logic can be handled by RP2 logic gates (easy, but bulky) or my a ComputerCraft computer (requires programming, but very compact.)

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