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Can't OP Myself.


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I've ran multiple servers before and I've never had this problem. I just downloaded the Technic Client and the Tekkit 3.1 from the website. After running my server and logging into it, I decided to "op willmydickfit" and it does nothing. It adds my name to the op.txt but it doesn't allow me to use OP commands on the server. I have even tried removing my username from op.txt and re-entering it manually, but it doesn't work either.

Anyone else have this problem?

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I had it before, quite a while ago. But that was with 2.1.1. All i did delete server files, [excluding plugins and the map]. Then put the server back into the folder, run the launch.bat file and then via the console type in 'op willmydickfit' and it should work. This worked fine for me

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