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Need a Tekkit Server.

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I would love to play on a tekkit server, but I can't find one with what i'm looking for. Maybe some one could help.

Must Haves

Equivalent Exchange Disabled - It just ruins the game, it doesn't even make sense because Tekkit is supposed to be technical and to many bugs and its just over powered in general.

NO LAG - Lag is a big problem in most servers, I want one hosted around US. One around Chicago would be nice.

Protection Against Grief - This means whitlist, greylist, TnT disabled {All Types of TnT}, and some plugins such as LWC, world guard, big brother, anti-cheat Ect.

Must have - Computer Craft, Build Craft, Industrial Craft. Some things can be disabled in them like the mining turtle just not the majority of the mods.

Alot of Players - Around 75% of the server slots unless its like 150+ slots.

35+ Server Slots.

Dedicated - Always On 24/7

Nice server property's - Just an example {Lots Of Dedicated Ram, Memory Ect.}

Would Be Nice

Team Speak - Mumble, Vent Ect.

Area Protection - Able to have your area protected by world guard or plugin like world guard.

Towny - Only If Balanced Economy

Maybe Factions But NOT Faction Griefing.

I Don't Care For

PvP - PvE

Plugins that do the same thing as listed ones. This accounts for every thing but LWC.

3.1.2 - 3.0.4

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I'm not asking anyone to search for me, I'm asking if someone knows of a server like what I listed

It's safe to assume that anyone who runs a (reputable) public Tekkit server has already posted it to that subforum. Asking in the general Tekkit SMP forum is a flaming waste of time and space not going to find you any reputable servers that aren't already posted in that forum.

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