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Maxing the efficiency of Macerators and Electric Furnaces.


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Did a quick video showing people how to max out the speed in which Macerators macerate stuff and the Electric Furnace smelts stuff.

I'm not sure of the exact figures I just know 16 oveclockers are needed in the Macerator and 13 in the Electric Furnace.

The wiki gave me that info:P

Alot of people will know how to do this, but for those who don't I just thought I'd do a sneaky upload so you can make your machines work better.


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Thanks Torezu :D & stringburka, Rotary is good yeah suppose, but isn't that the one that you have to like wait for it to gain aload of energy then it works good? Then when your stuffs done it decreases the speed when nothings in. The Rotary is good I think when you just wanna throw everything in one after another but I prefer just doing this because its quick and I had loads of materials lying there and its the same speed all the time, why the hell not :D Whatever floats your boat I suppose.

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