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Can you add Better than Wolves Mod in your Launcher?


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ok O.O

Thats kinda awesome ... I just ask a question where you think you get 1 or 2 replies ... and what I get is a nerly big discuss. ehm ...

First: Thank 4 all the replies :D

Second: ... I will read it now ... so I come back later ^^

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OK ... thx to xlyord for mcnostalgia ... before that i have used Craften (do the same)

ehm ... now I can play with th mc version 1.2.5, BUT when I install the mod (with the modloader 1.2.5mc version and btw 1.2.5mc version)

I get a error ... jeah D:

And to the "why should btw go into technic launcher", simply --> ingame you can use tchnicel thinks ... just in medival times ^^

PS: sorry when I forgot someone ...

PPS: sorry for man bad english again ( Now I had not enough time to replie^^)

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Despite all the drama with FlowerChild and SirSengir, It would be a nice addition to technic and tekkit to have at the very least a BTW "inspired" mod that implements mechanical energy as a sort of overworld tech that doesn't require one to mine extensively, using mostly wood as a construction material.

I know this is minecraft, but it would be nice to have the option for a rewarding "rustic" experience once in a while, and not always be cooped up in a mine, or ravaging the landscape with quarrys everywhere.

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