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MFSU Overflow power to Mass Fabricator


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I'm trying to make a setup so that if my MFSU is full, the Mass Fabricator will turn on for some time to take some of the power.

This is working by setting the MFSU to "Emit if full", and connecting some redstone out from it to some circuits to turn on the mass fabricator.

The problem is, whenever the MFSU is full and the redstone is lit, the MFSU won't put out any power!

Am I doing something wrong? Can someone post a setup of an overflow mass fabricator?

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Mass fab stops running when redstone triggered.

Yeah, I have some circuitry in there (a monostable and inverter) so the redstone turns off when I want it to run.

The problem is, whenever the MSFU turns on the redstone connected to it (when it is full), it just stops outputting any EU to anything

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