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Server - Does this meet requirements?

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Hi guys,

I am thinking about hosting my own server, and have found a great website where you can configure your own computer/server to be made. I have chosen a few things, and the following came out: http://www.mediafire.com/?ycjpd1o59im56ka

I was thinking about running a tekkit server,

OS: Windows 7 Home Premium

OnTime: 24/7

Ram dedicated to the server: 6GB

Maximum player count: 25/30

Will this work, no lag?

Or does anyone have any suggestions (for about the same pricing)?

Note: I am not looking to rent a server, I want to buy one!

No monthly payments for me, just one big sum!

I want hardware, no software!

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is this going to be running out of a house?

im not a fan of the price on that server. its alot for not that much.

i bought a dell poweredge 2950 last year for about 300. 2 dual core xeons at 2.4 ghz.

3 73 gb 10k sas drives and 4gb of ram. which i updated to 12gb for about $40 on ebay.

i would shop around alittle more try to get the best hardware for the lowest price.

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So far so good, it all depends on your connection and processing power as well. You may be able to buy a 100Mbit port for your home computer, but it's also of what the upload speed is. Which would be somewhere around 2-5mbit.

Your best choice is to purchase a VPS or Dedicated server from a hosting company.

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Personally I run my server from my house with a 3.8 i7 Quad core 16 gigs of ram and 256 SSD. But i also have Fiber to the house with a 90/90Mbps connection. im not sure that 2-5 would really cut it for lag free. When my server is full(50 players) there is next to no lag.

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What's important to ask yourself is, do you have enough expertise to support it yourself if something goes wrong, and do you know how to set up networks properly, and safely?

Another thing is cooling, and dust management a system that's running 24/7 is going to build up plenty of heat, and dust so having a good cooling system in place is essential in my opinion.

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I thank you all for your quick reactions and your comments with concerns.

I have hosted a server from my computer before, but since the ram is not that good, it didn't work that well.

I have gained more and more experience with computers and servers after taking them all apart, putting them back in to place, upgrading the fans, making a well-fantilated room, and researching on the internet.

Of course, I should have mentioned my internet speed:

Down: 40Mb/s Up: 4Mb/s

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Having hosted a server earlier, did anyone report any lag? With that I mean rubber banding teleporting etc. Some people like to refer to frame rate issues as lag too for some inexplicable reason =(.

If the number of people won't go way up from the last server you hosted, and the response times were fine I guess you should be cool.

If in doubt host a FPS evening with 30 people and see how that goes.

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On my old pc, I have hosted a vanilla mc server, and there was, every once in a while, lag on the server. There were, at that time, about 10 people on.

Just some days ago, I have hosted a tekkit server on my laptop (MacBook Pro), with 20 people. No lag.

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I believe you just fine.

But I have just chatted with some dell service guy, who is telling me that the dell poweredge 2950 is no longer made, and then shows me a page of servers from 600 to 6000 euro. Well, they got rid of the cheap one, and got expensive ones in the place.

Anyone know any good server manufacturers I can take a look at?

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Youtube videos can help, but in the end it's you building the thing, not the guy showcasing the components he bought because of his opinion of them.

Get a good and sturdy case with a good airflow, and openings for water cooling. If you're unfamiliar with water cooling get pre-made closed circuit CPU coolers these don't require any fiddling.

Personally I'm a big fan of the s2011 hexcores from intel, but I have the budget for those. Consider what CPU you want before you get your motherboard.

Memory is pretty damned cheap nowadays so no real reason to skimp out. A good PSU is very important, try to get one with detachable cables as they can mess up your airflows.

Get two good harddrives with enough drive cache, and turning speed to keep up with the rest of your system, a SSD can be great but expensive too.

Mirror the drives in raid, it's inefficient storage wise but if one falls the other can back it up.

Other than the expectations you have for your hardware building a server is no different from building a home pc. It only becomes somewhat of a challenge when you're working with really high end kit.

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Wouldnt it make more sense to pay monthly for a dedicated server or a vps with a 1gb line? that way you can be sure there will be no lag what so ever

You have to bear in mind that when hosting a server from your own home then if your doing heavy downloading that will effect the server quite majorly. Personally i would always stick with dedicated servers or vps's for hosting servers.

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