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This has nothing to do with Tekkit but I had nowhere else to ask this: I'm trying to upload a map to Mediafire but the progress bar won't get anywhere. The file is only 4KB but the bar is still at the beginning for about 10 minutes.

At least put it in the off topic section then?

Anyway, if your Internet is a irradiated crippled autistic snail, it's possible. You could try restarting the upload.

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Try DropBox :D it's easy to setup, you get the program and a Public folder, all you do is stick the file in the public folder wait for the little blue icon (uploading) to turn a green tick (ready for download) then you right click the file, go down to the DropBox menu and select "copy public address" :) paste it to anyone you like!

Only down side to dropbox is that on larger files the upload is crazy rubbish, but once it's there the download is quite good for others.

I would comment on the Mediafire but I've never used it but I've got past the sending files through just doing what I did with DropBox :)

Hope it helps :D

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You should be able to upload anything you like, but no the public folder is just yours, no one can upload to it but there is a way to setup linked folders for other users with DropBox installed xD me and a few others that run our server/website have a "work" folder were constantly passing files through, but for personal use just stick with the instructions I've said :D

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