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Help, my server got "holes" :(


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First of all, sorry for my bad english :/

Me and my brother are playing Tekkit on a server that i am running on my PC. We start playing one week ago, at the moment we got a lot of cool machines and such things. BUT since yesterday, we got a big problem with the server.

It doesnt load the map, or leaving big holes...I dont know how to describe it. We join the server, and we can see 10-20 wide. Then it starts very slowly to build up, but not everything.

We tried differnet things:

create new world; let other people host the server/run it on different PCs; set more memory in the launcher.bat; give minecraft itself more memory; re-downloaded technicpack/server; deaktivate texture-pack; ... nothing of those things worked, always the same problem.

We built a huge quarry, we thought this cause the problems, so we filled the whole thing up with sand - this also doesnt help.

I add screenshots to show you what i mean. At the screenshots i was standing at the spawnpoint, and let the map load for about two minutes, and still got these "holes"..

I hope someone can help me, because we love this modpack, and worked hard on our map (and creating a new map also doenst help ^^)



Greetings from Austria


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This bug is client side. Nothing to do with the server, as long as it has >512Mbps connection for the number of players you say you have.

There's a huge number of reasons why this happens.

Your cpu could be too slow.

Your internet connection could be too slow.

Your hard drive I/O speed is having a hard time keeping up with a large world.

Common solution - walk into them.

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We have exactly the same problem and it is such a shame. The holes vanish when you are nearly on top of them, render distance is set to far. It is something to do with client minecraft code imo, and nothing to do with the server. I have manually removed optifine as I thought it was causing it, but no joy. We have encased our creations in cobble to reduce verticies but this had no effect.

If you move out from the area where there are lots of machines/pipes etc the draw distance increases and way more chunks get shown/drawn. All very strange tbh and we are now used to running around for a good couple of mins getting all the chunks down.

Our machines are quite heavily specced as we use them for business related stuff when not playing MC :)

Server spec :

32gig ram

core i7 3960x

2 x 240 gig vertex3's


gtx 580's (dual/watercooled)

core i7 3960x wc cpu

32gig ram

2 x 240 gig vertex 3's

All running on a 1 gig lan.

Win7 (fully patched sp1), 64bit.

Java = 7.0.50 64bit (32 bit also installed)

tekkit = 3.1.2

xmx = 10

xms = 10

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thanks for the tipps, i changed some options and now its working a bit better:

Videos settings - Performance:

smooth fps on

load far on

chunk updates 3

smooth input on

preload chunks 4

dynamic updates on

the holes are gone, but now i have some small lag-spikes. but better then the holes ^^

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