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Buildcraft Pipes problem

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On a tekkit server I play on, I recently created an autocrafter for weed-ex. It was working fine for a few minutes then a whole stream of items came out of the condenser in the buildcraft pipes to the automatic crafting table mk2, causing me to get 0 fps from 60 fps. The wooden pipe getting the items out was only a redstone engine, and it was still blue.

Is this a bug in the version of buildcraft in Tekkit 3.1.2 or has SirSengir deliberately made this happen?

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As far as I know, using a wooden pipe next to a condenser causes major lag issues. You would be better off using a transposer to suck items into RP tubes, then use a buffer to transfer to BC pipes, and continue with the normal autocrafter setup. Also, that crop system is made by Alblaka in IC2, not by sirsengir.

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