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Logistic Pipes SMP

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Hey I was looking around the net to find the Logistic Pipes Mod/Addon (wathever it is considered to be) and I could only find some for BC 3+ . Since Tekkit seems to run BC 2.2.14 I was wondering if anyone else has Logistic Pipes on a Tekkit server and if yes, how did and where did you get it? So far my only option seems to be to update BC first.

Any help is much appreciated!

Addition info:

This probably isn't helpful at all but I thought, hey why not mention it? Won't do any harm.

I am playing on a 2 player Tekkit server wich is run on the computer of my friend while playing. We use Hamachi for porting. There are no addional mods installed atm instead of the regular Tekkit Mods and all mods are in the Tekkit listed state (basically just set the server up yesterday with nothing else than Tekkit for now)

Greeting Mrpriority

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Whatever you do, don't even think about using the crappy BC3 port that is available on MCportcentral, you will loose your world if you try it, lucky for me I tried that on a test server, its not ready and they won't update it since they moved to Minecraft 1.3.1 so no more devs on Minecraft 1.2.5

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Ok many thanks for the replies!

I was considering using a port so you might have saves my world there, thanks.

So your suggestion would be to wait for BC3 and logi pipes to go SMP?

Because I think that might take a while. There were some request for smp logi pipes on the BC forum a couple months ago. They were told that they will most probably get to that after BC 3 and sneaky pipes, went SMP. So if it has already been a couple months who knows how long it'll take.

I did see some posts using a port (not sure which one), who did say it worked perfectly for them.

I guess I'll leave Logi Pipes for my ssp for now and just use redpower sorting machines and maybe try and make some kind of crazy machine with auto-crafting tables or something for my SMP world. Should be fun too.

Again thanks:)

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