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The server I'm looking for...

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I have been searching many hours on forums and websites for a Tekkit server, but am unable to find the perfect one. I'm searching for a server that has a peaceful, quiet community, with an average of 5-15 people. It would also be nice if it was a survival server, as I enjoy taking the time to look for my own supplies. I also wouldn't mind if PvP is off or on, as it does not bother me. Preferably it could have a whitelist to stop griefers and hackers, I'd be more than happy to fill an application if necessary. Thank you all for reading my post, I hope to get some feedback soon.

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Try industrial craft. You will find them in server deluxe. It is a bit busier (20-30 players at peak) and is a grey list server. Don't think I'm doing this as a mod or anything, it is a great server with friendly people. If ur on at the same time as me, u can come live with me for a while.

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