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Minecraft Vanilla world 1.8 => Tekkit server


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Hi there,

A group of us currently use a Minecraft Realms server which is at version 1.8 (current Minecraft Vanilla version)

We are looking to rent a Minecraft server where Tekkit or Tekkit Classic (mc v1.2.5) is installed

If I download the world file from our Minecraft Realm server, will I be able to use it on the server where Tekkit or Tekkit Classic installed?

i.e., is it backwards compatible?

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no it is not. MC 1.8 has world gen that wasn't present in 1.2.5 or 1.6x

If you spawned near a biome, like a Mesa for instance, and then move your world to a Tekkit Classic or regular Tekkit then you will surely crash, because the older versions of MC will not recognise those biomes

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