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Why can't I use world edit.


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I have installed world edit and world guard to the server so that I could protect the spawn. When I type /plugins i can see both world edit and world guard, although when i do //wand or use the wooden axe nothing happens, none of the commands work. The plugins I use:




Essentials Geoip

Essentials GroupBridge

Essentials GroupManager

Essentials Proctect

Essentials Spawn

Essentials XMPP

World Edit

World Guard

Please help me, this is very critical.

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Works for me. Which version are you using? I'm using AlienX's custom version which has some Tekkit-specific tweaks. Look it up on these forums.

Btw, once you get it working, don't try to use //regen or any of the snapshot features. It'll f*** your s*** up and you'll end up with a chunk of grass in the middle of the desert like my server.

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What's wrong with regen?

Are you using it correctly?

It regens the selected terrain using a different seed. So I did a //restore from a backup and it restored the terrain fine, but it left it set as a grass biome so everything has a different shade of whatever color each block has. You know, 1.2 introduced a feature that allows the server to set whatever biome each chunk has and apparently WorldEdit didn't get the memo.

And yes, the map was generated with the same MC/Tekkit version that I used //regen on so it's not a world generation issue.

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