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Is there a server like the Tekkit server from the yogscast because most servers have Bukkit plugins and stuff and that's what I hate.

I would want a server that's just Classic Survival Technic.

If there is a server for that please post the server on this thread.

Thanks :)

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Clue's in the name. Technic + Bukkit = Tekkit.

There's dozens of servers that are what you're looking for,

yet you are far better off taking a look yourself.

(Also, why the plugin antagonism? They never get in the way unless you feel like destroying everyone else's shit)

Its a thing i hate about.

The Plugins make thing (Thought) It screws up the game for me.

So if there is one please post it on this

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That's why.

Have you seen Tekkit with Duncun his server got blown up then he had to do everything from scratch!

Episode: 41 War!

so that's why I want a server like that.

And if there is Please make it like Sips co VS Honeydew Inc.

Thanks :)

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Why don't you have a look around the server listings for an Anarchy server yourself?

And yes, the Yogscast can do their own thing because it's a private server. Any legitimate public server will have plugins safeguarding their work unless it's a true anarchy.

Oh yeah and:


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