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The end isn't loading on my server!

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Yes, i spawned in the middle of gods knows where in the end and flew towards the 0, 0. I noticed oil wells along the way as well as a few dragons, killed 2 and went back to the overworld with my nice new experience and enchanted stuff all good right. Went back for a second trip, 9 more ender dragons, not sure whats going on but I've got all my stuff enchanted and still 292 levels remaining.

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And what about no ender dragons at all, I've recreated the end 5 times and still, no ender dragons showing up there, its not disabled and I made sure of this (options in Essentials allow to disable some mobs but enderdragons aren't disabled there, only creeper explosions), even I can spawn one in the overworld, in the end or in the Nether and it works, but if I don't spawn one, there's no ender dragons that show up there, and if we beat the one I spawn, there's no portal to get back to the overworld (thanks to the warps we can still travel anywhere at least)

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