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Newly Placed Batboxes Not Being Charged By Water Mills


Title: Newly Placed Batboxes Not Being Charged By Water Mills

Version: 3.1.2

OS: Windows 7 64bit at home and on a rented service from Exodus Hosting... sorry I don't know what OS they use.

Java Version: 7 on both

Description of Problem:

When batboxes are hooked up to water mills they do not charge. This happens a little more than %50 of the time. If you break and replace the batbox or the connecting cable several times, then eventually the batbox will start to charge.

Here is a video showing what is happening:

Error Messages:

There were none

Error Log:

There were none

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Try just using the Glass Fibre Cable...even at the short distance. in my tests, they work 100% of the time. Just food for thought :P they are a pain to craft early on though haha

As to WHY they do work, and others don't....not really sure

Strange... I just tested this with Glass Fibre Cable and am still having the same issue in both SMP and SSP. Which version of Tekkit are you using?

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Having a similar issue with some windmills I hooked up using all glass fibre; it's the same setup I use all the time but for some reason it doesn't seem to want to work here.

I have four windmills, each on the end of a 10-block length of glass fibre cable, with a MFE in the middle. Glass fibre cable runs down from the MFE into a LV transformer where it's cabled up to my machines. This is to stop any power from being lost by the distance between the windmills and the MFE. This is all situated at something like layer 240-245, which has never been a problem before. It should be going like the clappers but the MFE just isn't charging for some reason and I am thoroughly baffled.

EDIT: I take it back, just started the game back up and for some reason it's decided everything's hunky dory now.

What the hell even is your problem, Tekkit.

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