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Disabling the giant rubber trees

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Yes, you can disable RedPower's rubber trees.

Open the RedPower directory, then look in the RedPower.cfg file. Don't do it with Notepad, though, for some reason the formatting makes Notepad puke.

Anyway, scroll all the way to the bottom, and that's where you'll find all the stuff you can generate. Just change rubbertree=1 to rubbertree=0 and you can live in a world where the forest biomes aren't choked with those gigantic fuckers.

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I've been trying to figure out how to disable these trees, too, now that there are new "vanilla" jungle trees which do the same thing. I checked my RedPower.cfg file and there's no entry for rubber trees, nor any entry for volcanoes or tungsten. I'm using the current dev build for Technic SSP, which contains RedPower PR4e. Any ideas?

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