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Tekkit question about Op/Admin/Permissions


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I've had my server setup for a while now, I've gone and gotten the tekkit server downloaded and even logged into it, I typed my name under the 'Ops' and 'Permissions' for good measure, I can't receive anything from the right hand menu even with 'cheat mode' on and every time I type op >my name< directly into server console the server closes but I'm still not op? Also, when I try commands within the game it tells me contact server admins but I am the admin.

How do I get my server to recognize me as its all powerful one / Op / Admin? :o

Edit in: well now, my servers spawn point seems to have been flooded with lava as it is on a volcano... fun fun, fun fun! I will try to find a way to change the spawn point on my own but if anyone knows off the top of their head and wants to save me further googling for hours on end and trying to get my commands to work feel free to tell me how. ;D

Edit in #2: Well it seems I had set Op up right, I can now access the right hand menu like I wanted, now only to change my spawn point somehow as I can't do it in game becauce of swimming in lava deaths. As for how I solved the 1st issue: It seems that whenever I thought I was restarting my tekkit server after setting myself up as Op, it wasn't. I couldn't just X out, or task manager end task blah blah blah. I literally went in to task manager processes and closed out every single java that was running, then restarted and it worked.. briefly.. before I died to lava.

1 issue down, 1 to go

Edit in #3: Final semi-solution. I didn't figure out how to change my spawn point without being in game and alive. For the I would use /setspawn command in game. Otherwise due to lava deaths, I simply reverted to another solution for a problem I had before when the server set up an entire world under water with no land. The solution used was to delete the 'world' folder, go back to the tekkit download page and get the zip file again, or re-extract the old zip file if you still have it under your downloads. copy/replace /merge stuff so that really the re-extraction simply replaces the 'world' folder. wah-lah new world and no spawning in lava. However this is only a semi solution because you will lose your first world but since I hadn't done anything to mine other than admire the volcano I was spawned on it was no big loss to me.

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You could have just changed the name of the world in the server config file and it will create a new world with that name.

Alternatively, you can load up a world with MCedit and change the spawn point location with that.

For future reference I suppose :P

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