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Looking for 2 or 3 people to do a tekkit let's play with.


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I am looking to make a tekkit let's play I would like 2-3 people. I will run the server on my computer. I am 19 and about to start work and college so my hours might change but for now ik that i can do the server tue, wen, thur, fri, sat, sun it may change but most likely my weekends will always be open. I am not very great with the mods myself so i plan on learning while teaching the people watching the videos.

If u want to become part of my let's play send me.




timezone: (so we can work better on having schedules figured out)

exp with tekkit:

exp with commentary:


My info


Age: 19

IGN: justingoth99 (no i am not a goth)

timezone: EST

exp with tekkit: ive played it for a while but im not to good at it

exp with Com: I just recently started commentary and am not too great at it but im better when talking to people so i figured it would help liven up my commentary.

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Age: 17

IGN: Mindstorm95

timezone: UTC: 01:00

exp with tekkit: i have played a ton of the mods in the tekkit pack and i have a vast exp with tekkit

exp with commentary: just got a new mic (Blue snowball) but i need a new computer for the modern games! i have a good experience with commentary

Commment: it would be nice if we can see your application like we can see of we can fit for the role

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Age: 17

IGN: MrAshleeD

timezone: GMT+0

exp with tekkit: I have my own Tekkit let's play series and I know basically EVERYTHING to do with the main mods and quite a lot with the sub mods. I am also starting a How-to Technic series on my personal channel.

exp with commentary: I am President of a Gaming Network and have a lot of experience commentating. If you want to check me out yourself: http://www.youtube.com/user/MrAshleeD

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Age: 24

IGN: kninsh

Timezone: CET

EXP with Tekkit: i've been playing for a couple of weeks, most of my experience come from watching videos on youtube.

EXP with commentary: i'm a straightforward kind of guy. I'll do good.

Contact me if you want to. My skypename is bjornie.w

Have a good one. Keep on pimpin'

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