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Disconnecting/Reconnecting Internet.


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This has nothing to do with minecraft or techinicpack but i figured, you guys are smart and i hope you guys would have some ideas. Well basically every like 45 seconds my internet disconnects. My computer just got fixed yesterday, and it didn't do this yesterday. but I've been to two different houses and it disconnects then reconnects and its annoying. i dont know what it is or how to fix it any help is appreciated =D

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Your computer got "fixed" - how was it fixed? Was the OS reinstalled? This seems like it might be a network configuration or driver issue, but there are a lot smarter people here than me when it comes to this stuff. The first thing I'd look at is network drivers, though, or (as is usually the case at this point) mainboard control software, since the network adapters tend to be integrated.

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two different houses makes me think you have a laptop, is that true?

are you connecting via wifi?

if it's a laptop, what's the make and model?

what OS are you running?

is the wifi secured in any way? if so, is it WEP, WPA, WPA2, or something else?

what was the problem that just got fixed?

how was it fixed?

what's your opinion on sand as a metaphor in general?

why is a duck?

are you sick of all the questions?

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